Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin: OMG, What a Liar!

News reports have been more polite in saying Palin "stretched" the truth. But my Mom, teachers, and friends would simply call me a liar if I'd stretched truth as far as Sarah Palin has.


The Republicans have long had trouble with truth. Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Contras guns & drugs), Bush 2 (Weapons of Mass Destruction!, Terrorists in Iraq!). I'm astonished they can keep getting away with it (well mostly, Nixon didn't).

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin has been partly successful in castrating/discrediting the media:

Palin and McCain, like most Republicans, love labeling people so they label everyone who could get in their way, especially the press, as "liberals" -- trying to turn it into a swear word linked with the Democrats.

To help cover up all of Sarah Palin's own lying, what does she do? She loudly and promptly accuses her opposition of lying when they haven't been.

Don't you hate hypocrites who attack others for what they themselves are guilty of?

But of course, attacks are what Republicans do best. They attack others incessantly -- everyone else are bad guys -- including any foreign nations who have a different viewpoint then theirs.

The Democrats are just too darn educated, polite, and thoughtful.


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