Monday, February 02, 2009

A Better Solution Needed for Diabetic Students in California

A California state judge's ruling on the California Nurse Practice Act determined that only nurses can administer insulin to students in California. I think this act needs to be amended because that does not make practical sense. We do not need professionals to do every slightly dangerous thing for us. Driving a car is far more dangerous yet are we going to require everyone to have a professional chauffeur? Millions of regular people can can administer insulin safely. All that is really needed is to offer some simple training to those who administer insulin. Requiring a nurse for this is overkill.

Evernote -- Interesting

Evernote is Vannevar Bush's memex in the palm of your hand. Your brain on the net. Could be scary though if you ever have to go through legal discovery. :-/

The President Can Now Do Email!

Obama retains a "Blackberry" (hurray!) and the US Presidency enters the 21st century by now doing email himself. An interesting side effect is that the latest ultimate power status symbol is whether or not you have Obama's email address.