Saturday, October 09, 2010

Don't be Fooled by Prop 23

I am strongly against California Prop 23 because it will hurt the California economy now and in the future (as well as hurt our children with the consequences of today's pollution). California is the leader in greentech which is a natural extension of both hightech and biotech. To maintain and increase this lead we need to practice what we preach and provide a market for our own leading companies. As leaders in the high value green industry we can invent our own future.

Two Texas oil companies are the primary backers of Prop 23 and they are doing it so their CA oil refineries to can continue to pollute in CA (they save money because they will not need to upgrade their plants).

It would be a travesty if too many people are fooled by the "job creation" smoke screen that Prop 23 is using. We need good, high quality, sustainable jobs now AND in the future to keep our communities healthy and clean -- not just a few short term dirty jobs.

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