Saturday, September 29, 2012

California 2012 November 6 Propositions

I hope all voters in California will read the propositions and vote!

Voting "no" on all of them because you don't believe in the proposition process is a cop out. These propositions are a valuable part of our democratic system in action and we all get to make direct choices ourselves that have real impact! (And not push it off to someone else to make a decision for us)

Please vote based on the merits of each and not based on prejudices.

Here is how I'm voting. I hope you'll support my positions :-)

YES!! -- Prop. 30, Increase in sales tax and higher earners' income tax to fund education -- a reasonable tax proposal that is needed to fund education.

Yes -- Prop. 31, Two-Year Budget Cycle -- not perfect but is moving in the right direction to fix CA budget process.

No -- Prop. 32, Ban on corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates -- deceptive.

NO -- Prop. 33, Change in auto insurance regulation -- a big insurance company is trying to fool voters again.

YES!!!! -- Prop. 34, Repeal death penalty -- too many mistakes, saves a lot of money, life with no parole is sufficient (and much less expensive).

Yes -- Prop. 35, Stronger law against human trafficking.

YES!! -- Prop. 36, Changes to three-strikes law -- saves money, reduces prison overcrowding and prevents nonsensical 3 strikes situations.

Yes -- Prop. 37, Labeling of GMO foods -- although mixed, this is a step in the right direction and we need to be more careful.

Yes -- Prop. 38, Increase in higher earners' income tax for education -- Prop 30 is better, but we are much better if at least one wins rather than neither. This is a change in my original position.

Yes -- Prop. 39, Sets one method of tax calculation for all businesses -- helps keep businesses in California.

YES!!! -- Prop. 40, Maintain citizens' redistricting -- no system is perfect but this system is more balanced than the alternatives. Plus a "No" vote changes the status quo whereas a "Yes" vote leaves things alone (this measure was engineered so that those who just always vote "No" on everything will be tricked into causing a change -- and a bad one in this case).

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[10/7/2012: Added links to KQED & CA Council of Churches]
[10/20/2012: Changed my position on 38 from no to yes]