Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin is the "Bridge to Nowhere"

Sarah Palin openly lied about what she did regarding Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere" in her speech at the Republican National Convention. She said:

"I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere."

But she never talked to Congress about it despite her claims. And she supported it until well after Congress rejected it. Only when there was no hope left for it, did she turn out the lights. Google this yourself to confirm what I've just said.

How can anyone trust someone who lies so easily and so publicly?

Oh, now I remember, Republicans find it easy to lie and then claim that others are lying to distract from their own lying.

McCain and Palin have a "Palin Truth Squad" to root out false attacks, rumors, and smears against Governor Palin. They should have this Truth Squad focus on Palin and McCain first to clean up their own act. But instead they are trying to shift the focus to others. This is hypocritical. But it does follow the traditional Republican pattern (do a bad thing and then loudly blame others). [Strangely during the 2000 elections, McCain did try to be truthful. Unfortunately he has changed his tune. It appears the other Republicans wore him down.]

Yes, this is just another in a long series of Republican lies and deceptions which include:
McCain: "Our economy is fundamentally sound" (stock market crashed just after he said this)
Bush 2: Guantanamo
Bush 2: Abu Ghraib
Bush 2: "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (none were ever found, got us into the Iraq war)
Republican Party: "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (not truthful at all)
Reagan: "Iran Contra Affair"
Nixon: "Watergate"
and many others.

While Nixon was impeached for Watergate, the "Iran Contra Affair", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", and the Iraq War should have easily been impeachable as major wrongs by the President during his administration. Wrongs that had real consequences for our country and for others. Why did Clinton face impeachment for a private sex affair which really only should affect his own family when these other significant events affecting our entire nation and real lives get off scot-free? It boggles my mind. But of course the Republicans are rich and much better at manipulating others behind the scenes using their money and power.

So back to Palin & McCain, they are clearly a bridge to nowhere and would lead our country to ruin (at least for normal folks maybe not the rich). Throw the lying bastards out.

Please vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. While not perfect, Obama and Biden are much more capable of leading our country and making all of us proud to be Americans again. Simply read Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" and you'll know Obama is capable, hard working, intelligent, truthful, and a centrist.

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