Monday, February 04, 2008

Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

Philip Zimbardo discusses his new book "The Lucifer Effect" on NPR's "It's Your World". In this talk and book, Mr Zimbardo shows us "It's the system, stupid!" Many systems corrupt the otherwise good people within them -- from Genocide to Abu Ghraib.

This is a must listen (and read) for today's world citizens. Philip Zimbardo has really hit the nail on the head. This explains much of the behavior within The Freecycle Network and other systems that have taken good people and some how caused them to do wrong. It also is a reminder that we must all do more systems thinking. The notion that an individual (a scapegoat) is at fault is often wrong. It is too easy to blame an individual rather than look at the circumstances in which the person or people are operating.

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1 comment:

Frank said...

Yes, Tim so sad and so very true. It is a frightening part of the world's society.

There must always be a scapegoat, someone or ones always has to take the fall for the greater good.

Just what is the greater good? Who decides this? Who decides who is going to take the fall for other’s actions?

It reminds me of the Sacrificial Lamb. Someone most pay for another’s actions.

We see so many folks that have paid for the BOD of TFN's actions already. More will follow as they burn out, get thrown out, or find their way to the real person inside of them that is not what the TFN society has them.

Sad how one person’s "Pride" can turn so many into something they were not. Only to realize later, how awful they have treated their peers, and/or fellow man.