Sunday, February 03, 2008

Clinton and Obama Positive Role Model in Debate

"In their Jan 31, 2008 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debated the issues rather than deriding each other. They answered questions on health care, Iraq and even the possibility of an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket in the general election."

Now this is how all debates should be. Focus on the issues instead of berating the other candidate. It makes me feel much more positive about the future of our society when rivals can also be friends. It also makes me very inclined to donate to BOTH of their campaigns. I am very in favor of an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket. At this point I don't really care which one it is as I think either would be an amazing matchup that would accomplish wonders and turn world opinion about the US around.

President Bush has trashed the US's reputation as viewed by the rest of the world by being a hypocrite, bully, liar, and general bad example.

It's time for the US to turn this around. New positive leadership is a prerequisite for this.

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