Monday, April 02, 2012

Crystal Cox, yes she's a scammer...

The proof is in the pudding and people tend to hoist themselves by their own petard.

Crystal Cox, who claimed to be a blogger-journalist, has shown through her own actions that she is not one, but really a scammer and extortionist.

Please see the smear campaign she is attempting against the 3 year old daughter of a friend of mine:

Please also read:


Even if she were a journalist, that does not protect false speech:

Despite the online harassment, Marc Randazza is a man of principal and noted today on Facebook:

It is extortion. But... ...I am trying to "Walk the walk" when it comes to the First Amendment. The typical response would be criminal charges or civil complaints. I want to show that we can cure bad speech with good speech. Let lies and smears fade in the sunlight of truth. I've preached it my whole life. I need to stay on the path now more than ever.”

Thankfully the light of truth and justice is shining very brightly on Crystal Cox now.

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Norm Ruttan ( said...

Thanks for posting about this on Freecycle, Tim.

Crystal Cox is a 'gangster' and her scheme is a variation of the old 'protection racket' (we'll stop your store from being vandalized, as long as you buy our services).

Interesting. As you say, perhaps 'the light of day' can work as well as anything. The internet lets us 'shine the light' on her and other unethical people, so perhaps it's sufficient to use free speech in a positive way to defeat her tactics.