Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop 8 is Hugely Wrong

For me the most significant proposition in the November 2008 election in California is Proposition 8. This is because it is a California Constitutional amendment to *eliminate* civil rights for a class of citizens.

Denying equal civil rights to anyone is un-American to the core.

When it harms no one else, everyone should have the right to choose what they want to do for themselves. So if you don’t believe in gay marriage, it is ok for you not to marry another gay person. t is ok for you to tell others that you don’t believe in it either. But it should not be ok for you to force your beliefs on others when it causes no harm to you but does directly harm them -- a whole class of human beings. This is just wrong!

Marriage has numerous tax, financial, societal, family, and legal benefits. Having 2 adults care for children provides a much more stable structure from which to grow a family. I am a married heterosexual but have many wonderful friends who are gay and who want to marry or have already married.

You should be free to practice whatever religion you wish and not have others force a religion on you. This is a key piece of American heritage that lead many to come to America before it was founded.

You should be free to vote. At one time women were not allowed to vote. Would it have been better to deny them voting rights? A basic civil right?

Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Indians, Blacks and more have all been persecuted at times and have had their rights limited. None of that was right.

If you vote yes on Proposition 8, it will be to deny a minority their civil rights. I will be extremely disappointed and will think less of you as a human. May you suffer some horrible discrimination yourself so you know what it is like to be a repressed minority. I have suffered such. Perhaps some of you have already as well. I am shocked and horrified that there are still so many bigots in our world.

Please vote NO on Proposition 8. Thank you.

Tim Oey

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